End of Life

We offer spiritual and bereavement support in times of loss, including Memorial, Funeral Services and Graveside Services.

Memorial or Funeral Services are planned by conference involving the minister and family. It is during this time that pertinent information and specific wishes as to readings and hymn selection, and whether a simple order-of-worship bulletin should be prepared by the church to provide keepsake information, are determined.

Our Fellowship Team is always available to provide a reception following a Funeral/Memorial Service consisting of basic refreshments: coffee, tea, lemonade and cookies, with two day’s notice. If additional food items are desired, the family must provide them. However, the Fellowship Team would still do the set-up and, if desired, provide cookies and the coffee/tea/lemonade. The church office can provide names of caters who have been used before.

Our Fellowship Hall will hold 200 people with most people standing and a few seats available; if table seating is requested, we can accommodate approximately 130 people at round tables.

For more information click here for a copy of our Funeral Planning brochure.

Or please please our office at 231-526-7332, or Send a Message.